I wanted to buy Vince Sant’s V Shred . This Review convinced me otherwise.

If you are reading into whether or not you should get the V Shred guide, you’ve most likely seen a lot of opinions already.What I needed to know was whether or not I could have confidence in Vince Sant. Who even was he?
I was hoping I could find a writer that would analyze Vince sant as well as his diet.Thankfully, that’s what I finally found (after a LONG search).Kaylee did a review of the guide at
In addition to digging into whether or not V Shred was a scam, she also looked into Vince sant himself.I realize some people might be annoyed by this, but she did not love the exercise (she bought it herself apparently).
Surprisingly enough, she found success with a different weight loss program that she discovered THANKS to v shred.She mostly suggests this V Shred alternative if people like the idea of V Shred, but aren’t too interested after they learn more.
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Kaylee’s site gave me a comprehensive look at V Shred, and confirmed to me that I could get a better and cheaper program if I swapped to Jen’s bikini body workouts instead.
After reading everything Kaylee had to say about v shred, it was an easy choice to go with her alternative instead.
If you need to save time and money while losing weight, I would say just skip to Jen’s bikini body workouts.
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Vince shares his workout routines, tips, and more on the V Shred YouTube channel which has over 2 million subscribers. He’s also famous on Instagram, where he more than 900k followers.