Buy Your Squid Game Cosplay on Amazon

Who else is on the hunt for a Squid Game costume in time for Halloween? Well, I’m still hunting for a good outfit. But this is my lucky day because you can buy your very own squid game cosplay at an affordable price and get it shipped directly to you quickly! has all the information you will need to buy a costume.

Squid Game is the most popular Korean show to come out of Netflix in the last 5 years. It debuted in September and has been growing in popularity ever since.

Now everybody and their mother is trying to get a cosplay from the show! It’s difficult finding a source for the costumes that is not likely to take forever to provide them. has a bunch of alternate sources for the cosplays through Amazon, so you can take your pick!

They exhibit exactly how to look like your fav contestants, like Abdul Ali, Kang Sae-byeok, Seong Gi-hun , Oh Il-nam, and Cho Sang-woo. A lot of folks have been trying to get the squid game contestant or guard uniforms. I was only really concerned about the masks, since I could have on a red or green hoodie for the rest.

But the SquidGameUniforms website showed me how to get the complete outfits, even with masks and footwear, through Amazon! They also have The Masked Man’s mask, and the VIP masks that ended up worn by the rich American VIPs in Squid Game. You can even purchase the Red Light Green Light doll girl lol.

I’m just satisfied I eventually found a path to get together all the components I would need for a squid game costume for Halloween, and I’ll likely keep using these to costume throughout the coming year.

Hope this helps!

Shout out to Reddit for helping me find this site!

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