The Challenge

The Challenge


The Challenge aspect of Layne’s Legacy-Beading For A Cure has always been an integral part of this event.

You purchase a kit identical to the kit purchased by the rest of the participants.
You must use at least one of each bead provided in the kit.
You may not hide any beads.
You may only add one more bead.
Your project must be postmarked by the deadline of August 2nd, 2010.

If you do not follow the rules of The Challenge, your project will be returned to you and you will not be invited back to participate the following year.

This challenge was created to help you stretch your imagination, to learn to work under strict rules while still expressing your creativity, and to be fun for all involved.

If you feel that you cannot meet the rules of The Challenge, please do not purchase a kit. It could be used by someone else who can meet them.

Our ultimate goal has always been to raise as much money as possible to donate to colorectal cancer research in Layne’s name.

For more detailed information on the rules please visit our Rules page.